A Day Program for Adults...

601 West Center Street

Lexington, NC

(336) 249-2155

The Life Center provides a range of services including:


> Supervised daytime care (7:15 am until 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday) in a safe and secure home-like setting by trained professionals.

> Nutritious meals and snacks

> Assistance in personal care (bathing, shaving, assistance in the restroom, etc).

> Assistance with medications—including monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar, injections, breathing treatments, etc.

> Socialization with other seniors.


In addition to health services, we offer:


Crafts and Games - Word games, trivia, and Bingo are played to entertain and stimulate. Craft projects are designed to increase dexterity and creativity.

Exercise - We have a daily exercise program along with physical activities such as shuffle board, horseshoes, and balloon volleyball. All activities are tailored to the person’s ability.

Music - We use music to recall memories. Musical activities assist with positive changes in mood and often decrease anxiety and stress.




Therapeutic activities are a core component of the services provided by The Life Center and are available to each participant. We offer a varied program of activities designed to enhance the adult’s feeling of self-worth and usefulness, stimulate creativity, provide safety, and provide peer association, enjoyment and fun.

Activities are planned to meet the interests, needs and abilities of the participants with an emphasis placed on utilizing strengths. Time is also scheduled for rest and relaxation. Our activities include: guest speakers, exercise, health and nutrition education, cultural enrichment, intergenerational programs, motivation, crafts, music therapy, gardening, devotions, trivia, trips down memory lane, games, Bible Study, Chapel services and more. Safe ‘wandering’ is permitted within the building and onto the screened porch.


Activities are planned and paced for needs of the adult. Aimed at maintaining the highest possible level of functioning, activities are never forced upon a participant and personal attention is provided when needed.


Health Care Services


Health Care staff members assist the participant with taking medications, following special diets, walking and moving about the center, monitoring health through regular blood sugar and blood pressure checks, maintaining mobility through individualized range of motion exercises, bowel and bladder retraining, and more.


Additional fee based health services include: daily/weekly blood sugar checks, blood draws, bathing, hair care, and limited transportation.


Special Diets


A light breakfast, nutritious lunch, and an afternoon snack are part of the services provided. Participants with special dietary needs as prescribed by a physician, will receive meals to meet their special diets (low salt, diabetic, vegetarian, soft or ground foods).


On Site Chef: Meet Melissa Darr


Chef Darr has been in the culinary profession for over 15 years, bringing with her to The Life Center of Davidson County a creative, healthy approach to cooking "from scratch" meals.  She was the sous chef for The City Club of Lexington, Food and Beverage Manager for Meriwhether-Godsey, Chef and Culinary Trainer for Lowes Foods, as well as personal chef to various clients.


Her love of presentation and food philosophy allows the natural flavors of the food to dance on the palates of participants with dignity.



Providing high quality adult day care and health services for over 30 years.

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